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This is a superhuman society with eighty percent of the world possessing some uncanny ability! Several decades following the retirement of the previous generation of heroes and villains, a new age of heroism and villainy has begun! Create your own original character to take part in the new age. Join the Fanon Canon now!
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Main article: Vladimir Sharapova
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Vladimir Sharapova (ウラジミールシャラポフ, Urajimīru Sharapofu) typical referred to as Vlad (ブラッド, Buraddo) by those who support him, and feared throughout the centuries as Dracula (ドラキュラ, Dorakyura), is one of the most infamous villains throughout history. Because of sinister nature, villains have attempted to mimic or claim him as their superior or master. In recognition of his might, the Hero Association has branded him as the No. 3 criminal on the Most Wanted List; a feat very few attain and much less retain. Despite his many followers, Vlad works with no one, claiming to be affiliated only to himself and serve his own selfish desires. Throughout it all, Vlad is rumored to have never lost a fight, for which he has been given the epithet:. However, much like other villains, Vlad's history is filled with catastrophe, adversity, and misfortune.
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"Heroes and villains are two sides of the same coin... I can see it in that glare of yours. So what is it that really makes someone a hero?"

"Blue Jeanist", Getting the Knack

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